Kelley Blue Book Pricing Guide

We recommend using the Kelly Blue Book Suggested Retail Value to help you figure out a fair price for your motorcycle.  The Kelly Blue Book Retail Value gives you the price you would expect to pay if you were buying the motorcycle in “excellent condition” from a used-motorcycle dealer. This estimate assumes that there are no repairs needed on the motorcycle so, you should subtract the cost of any necessary repairs to reach a fair sale price.  

Step 1: Get Motorcycle Blue Book Values    

Type into your browser or URL search bar



Step 2: Get Motorcycle Blue Book Values

Scroll down the page and look for the title “We’ve Got Motorcycle Blue Book Values” and click “Motorcycles” or click this link
































Step 3: Select a Value

Kelly Blue Book offers two value estimates for motorcycles, the trade-in value and the retail value.  The trade-in value is what consumers can expect to receive from a dealer if they were to trade-in their motorcycle.  The retail value represents dealers’ asking prices for a used motorcycle in excellent condition.  If you plan on selling your motorcycle on your own you will want to know the suggested retail value for your motorcycle. Find out your motorcycle’s suggested retail value by clicking the second option “Kelley Blue Book Retail Value” under the “Select a Value” menu.





















Step 4: Select a Year

Select the year of the motorcycle you would like to price.























Step 5: Select a Make

Find and click the make of your motorcycle.


































Step 6: Select a Model

Find and click the model of your motorcycle.











































Step 7: Your Suggested Retail Value

The suggested retail value of your motorcycle will be displayed in the blue box on your screen.





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